Low Carb Diet/Kethogenic Diet

Low Carb Diet/Kethogenic Diet

With many people trying to lose weight, there are a lot of diets that are being suggested by trainers and many people research and do diets. One among these is the Low Carb Diet. Low carb was a controversial diet with many people criticizing it but over the years, several studies proved that Low Carb Diet comes on top when compared to other forms of diets. Low carb diet not only makes weight loss easier but also helps avoid a lot of other health related risks like Cholesterol.

Following are the benefits of a Low Carb Diet

Reduced Appetite: People who try dieting always fail because they feel hungrier. This is the only reason that makes people give up their diets. One of the major advantage of low carb diet is that it automatically reduces a person’s appetite. Several studies proved that people cutting down on carbs and having more of protein and fat end up eating very fewer calories.

Helps Weight Loss: People may like it or deny it but cutting down on carbs is the best way for weight loss. One of the major reason is because low carb diets get rid of excess water from the body as they lower the insulin levels and kidneys start shedding excess sodium resulting in rapid weight loss for the first two weeks.

Triglycerides are lowered: Triglycerides are the major reason why most of the heart related diseases occur.

Effective Treatment against Metabolic Syndromes: Metabolic Syndrome is associated with high diabetes and heart diseases.
Some of the symptoms are

•    Abdominal Obesity
•    High Blood Pressure
•    High Fasting Blood Sugar
•    High Triglycerides
•    Low HDL Level


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