Five things you can do to make your home more eco-friendly

Five things you can do to make your home more eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly is just leading a lifestyle that is better for the atmosphere and your surroundings. You can always start by taking baby steps to make this planet a better place for everyone and for future generations too.

Building an eco-friendly home or making your home eco-friendly can be a huge amount of work. It’s not just about solar panels. There are many easy and fun ways to conserve energy. Here are some clever ideas to do it.

Being green or going green doesn’t necessarily require huge sums of money or fancy gadgets.

Here’s a bright idea, switch to LED bulbs as they consume 75% less electricity that normal CFL bulbs. Although they are more expensive than a normal bulb, they last 10 times longer which means that every time you screw in a new led bulb you’ll end up saving 8 CFL bulbs.

Use extension leads -Using them and being responsible about turning it off can save 15-20% energy in your home.

UnplugTV’s and computers when they are not in use and especially if you are going on vacation.

Let in natural light can save electricity by 10%

Using low energy appliances and Energy Star qualified appliances save up to 10-50 % of energy used than standard appliances. For example, a microwave uses 50% less energy than a standard oven.

Growing house plants can improve air flow in the house.

Using natural oils instead of costly fragrances to make your home smell better.

Use a clothes line when its sunny out instead of your dryer.

Use water in a cup or glass when cleaning your razor or brushing your teeth instead of just letting the water run.

Fixing leaky toilets and taps as this can save a lot of water and put less demand on hot water heaters.

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